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Coeus Software

Mobilise your workforce with our cloud-based digital solutions to discover an efficient, energized and cost-effective way to run your operations.

Leading digital mobile workforce specialists, transforming workplaces with our intelligent and innovative solutions.

We’re driving huge cost savings, efficiencies and productivity for customers with our PoliceBox® and award-winning Quvo® cloud-based workforce mobility platforms.

Join the growing number of organisations across the Police and wider Public and Commercial sectors, already benefitting from our expertise and effecting real positive change within their businesses.

Moblise Your Workforce

Data is critical to the efficient operation of any business and even more so out in the field.


By giving them all the tools needed to find, view, record and share information from anywhere on a single portal, our solutions can truly mobilise any workforce.

Realise Benefits Quickly

Our off-the-shelf, commoditised technology solutions are built on the performance of Microsoft Azure®.


Modular and highly scalable, our platforms can be deployed and integrated incredibly quickly, resulting in faster processes and a rapid return on your investment.

Save Money and Increase Productivity

By incorporating a common user interface across processes, our solutions are easy to learn and use.


This helps to reduce the level of training required and enables your employees to work faster.

Control Your Own Processes

We give you the tools to deploy your own processes easily, without the need for complex and costly programming.


With the inclusion of a simple desktop app, processes are simple to build and deploy to your mobile devices.

Easily Integrate with Other Systems

We believe in making it simpler for our customers and their partners to integrate our solutions into their existing IT and Mobile Environment.


That’s why we incorporate an open systems architecture and open standards APIs with all our platforms.

Keep Secure

We adhere to strict security measures to ensure the capture of reliable, auditable intelligence and evidence at the first point of contact.


All our solutions are compliant with to Home Office EWS/DWS Digital Evidence standards.