Creating affordable self-service mobile SaaS solutions that digitalise business processes for any size business in multiple market sectors deployed to a global customer base

Coeus Software is a UK based provider of intelligent, cost-effective solutions for the police, health, social care and wider public and private sectors.  Coeus is changing the way organisations go about their business because:


  • We empower mobile workforces through our flexible and rapidly deployable cloud-first, mobile-first digital technology solutions


  • We help the public sector meet the twin challenges of the efficiency review and the digital agenda and ultimately enable those on the frontline such as police officers, community nurses and social workers to deliver better services to citizens at a lower cost.


  • We understand that time is of the essence, which is why our scalable solutions can be deployed and integrated incredibly quickly, resulting in faster processes and rapid return on investment. For SaaS deployment, users will start to see savings instantaneously.


  • We put our customers in control without the need for costly and time-intensive bespoke software.


  • We believe in an open systems architecture and the API’s can be made available to customers or partners who are looking to integrate our product into a larger solution.


  • We adhere to strict security measures, facilitating the capture of reliable, auditable intelligence and evidence at the first point of contact.