Harnessing the power of cloud technology to simplify productivity on the move, from anywhere, on a simple per user subscriber basis

Our cloud-based workforce mobility platforms are designed to help organisations, particularly those in the public sector to meet the twin challenges of greater efficiency and growing digital demands. This is achieved by enabling you to create a much more flexible, responsive and efficient ICT infrastructure.

Our our PoliceBox® and award-winning Quvo® workforce mobility platforms are highly scalable and can be integrated incredibly fast. This helps you to realise a rapid return on your investment and quickly see ongoing cost savings.

Both off-the-shelf platforms are available through the government’s G-Cloud digital marketplace, which is reflective of the changing way in which organisations are now procuring technology. For those operating in the public sector this digital marketplace offers them a faster, more secure and effective way of finding the solutions they need, without being locked into an expensive contract with a single supplier.


PoliceBox® is currently the UK’s only secure and fully customisable workforce mobility platform for the Police, that can help them transform their own processes and enable them to work smarter.

With PoliceBox® Forces can build and control their own business process designs, without the need for expensive consultants. They can also empower frontline police officers, by giving them all the tools they need for capturing, reporting and gathering intelligence data from a single portal, in the palm of their hand.

When it is used in tandem with partner agencies using its sister site Quvo®, it can allow Forces to fully integrate their technology with them and help boost the sharing of systems, data and intelligence.

PoliceBox® has already been successfully rolled out with a growing number of UK forces.


The award-winning Quvo® workforce mobility platform, offers the same impressive operational efficiencies as it’s sister site PoliceBox®.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the wider Public Sector, Corporate and SME marketplace, Quvo® can help mobilise and transform operational processes for business across a wide range of sectors, from government and defence to the blue light emergency and infrastructure services.

Quvo® is highly customisable, easy to use and platform agnostic, offering an enormous opportunity to deliver digital transformation across a wide range of business processes. By putting customers firmly in control, processes that were previously expensive and time-consuming to build, can be quickly designed, deployed and benefitting organisations in a fraction of the time.